Celebrities in Dresden

August II the Strong (1670 – 1733) - King of Poland and Elector of Saxony, who is considered one of the most important patrons of art in Dresden. Under his leadership, the city became a center of Baroque culture.

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 – 1750) - a famous German music composer who visited Dresden in 1721 and met Augustus II there. He also composed several important works in Dresden, such as the "Mass in B minor".

Carl Maria von Weber (1786 – 1826) - a famous German composer who worked in Dresden as a conductor and musical director of the Saxon court. Among his most famous works is the opera "The Wizard".

Richard Wagner (1813 – 1883) - famous German opera composer who was born in Leipzig and later lived and worked in Dresden. In Dresden he composed some of his most important operas, such as "Tristan and Isolde" and "The Ring of the Nibelung".

Gerhard Richter (1932) - a famous German painter who was born in Dresden and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts there. His abstract and photorealistic paintings are recognized worldwide.

Johann Sebastian Bach (AI)
Johann Sebastian Bach (AI)