Typical food and drinks in Dresden

Dresdner Eierschecke (egg cake) - a type of cake that is made from eggs, cottage cheese, butter and sugar with a layer of cheese filling. You can taste it in practically every cafe - Dresden wouldn't be Dresden without eierschecke ;)

Dresdner Christstollen (Christmas stollen) - Christmas cookies similar to Christmas bread with raisins and candied fruit.

Sauerbraten - stewed meat, most often beef, marinated in vinegar, spices and vegetables, served with a bun dumpling. It resembles Czech sirloin, but is more sour.

Quarkkeulchen - cottage cheese fritters served with applesauce.

Wine - Saxon vineyards have a long tradition - over 850 years. Mainly white varieties are grown here and the wines are of very high quality, mostly quality. If you like hiking, don't miss at least part of the Saxon Wine Route. It runs along the Elbe and you can spice it up with wine tastings.

Beer - and we wouldn't be in Germany if beer wasn't also drunk here. ;) Over 300 small and large breweries brew beer in Saxony, so you have plenty to choose from. Right in Dresden, for example, the Dresden Feldschlößchen brewery, where in addition to the restaurant you can also visit the beer museum.

Typical food and drink - Dresden
Typical food and drink - Dresden