Poem about Dresden written by AI

In Dresden, the city under blue skies,
where the Elbe flows slowly and history breathes in all directions,
where baroque decorates the facades and art forms endless rows,
there you can let yourself be carried away by the beauty and charm of its streets.

Cathedral of St. The Trinity in its splendid Gothic performance,
The Zwinger with the purple flowers of blooming rhododendrons will enchant you,
In Semper's opera, the notes of Wagner and Mozart will be heard,
and in the Zwinger Palace, the porcelain army will look at you with a smile.

But Dresden will enchant you in other ways too, for example on the embankment along the Elbe,
where the lanterns shine at night, and the mountains glisten at sunset,
or in the sky, when the stars and the moon wander over the city,
and memories, how they float like the water that the Elbe sends out into the world every day.

Dresden is a symbol of beauty, culture and history,
a place where the heart lights up and the soul swells,
where human hands join art and touch the heavens,
and where all that is beautiful and precious will remain with you forever.

River Elbe in Dresden (AI)
River Elbe in Dresden (AI)